Transformice Command and Hotkey List

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Berikut adalah beberapa Hotkey dan Command list dari game Transformice yang saya ketahui



| Confetti


| Arrow
2 | Spirit | Totem (Hardmode)
3 | Balloon
4 | Rune
5 | Little box
6 | Big box
| Anvil
| Little board
| Big board
Z - X - Shift | Rotate
Spacebar | Invisible object


| Cannon down
| Cannon right
3 | Cannon left 
| Spirit | Totem (Hardmode)
| Arrow
| Balloon
7 | Rune
8 | Little box
9 | Big box
Z - X - Shift | Rotate
Spacebar | Invisible object | Meep

Shaman Anchors

C | Yellow anchor
V | Teal anchor
B | Red anchor
N | Motorized teal anchor (right)
J | Motorized teal anchor (left)


Go-to Room

/room roomname | Mengganti Room
/room vanilla(random number) | Masuk ke room Vanilla
/room survivor(random number) | Masuk ke survivor
/room bootcamp(random number) | Masuk ke bootcamp
/room defilante(random number) | Masuk ke defilante
/room racing(random number) | Masuk ke Mode racing
/editor | Masuk ke Map Editor
/totem | Masuk ke Totem Editor (Harus sudah mendapat 1000 Saves)
/room your username > /pw roompassword | Password lock room I.E. /room wivi then type /pw room password

Module Rooms

/room #hidenseek
/room #deathmatch
/room #traitor
/room #ratapult
/room #pictionary
/room #campal
/room #football
/room #pewpew
/room #derby
/room #elimination
/room #deploy
/room #infected
/room #domination
/room #powerup
/room #prophunt


/t | Tribechat allows you too talk to other users in your tribe
/musique direct mp3 link | Allows you too play music in the tribehouse
/tk username | Allows you to kick a member from the tribe that is offline
/rt | Allows you to recruit an individual without having to click their name
/neige | Makes it snow in the tribehouse
/mt | Allows you to mute the tribechat
/sy | Detects sync within the tribehouse
/np mapcode | Plays a map in the tribehouse
/npp mapcode | Plays a map after the current one is done in the tribehouse
/ch username | Makes that specified user the next shaman in the tribehouse

Note: If you're not the tribe owner you may not have permission too use some of these commands

Anywhere in-game

/c username - /w username | Private chat between you & another user
/music | Turns music off/on
/silence reason | Turns whispers off/on
/^^ | What was fixed during the last update
/facebook | Takes you to Transformice's official Facebook page & gives you 20 cheese (Only works once)
/mute username | Mutes the username chosen, making their chat messages hidden
/ban username | Votes too kick the specified user out of the room. That player will be kicked if 9 others do vote ban on the same individual.
/friend username | Adds the specified user to your friends list
/profile username | Shows the specified users profile
/scroll | Locks your browser for scrolling
/font fontname | Changes the font of the chatbox to the font chosen. (The default font is Times New Roman)
/title | Displays a list of titles that you have earned. Use the commands that are listed to change your title to the title specified next to the command
/nue | Makes all mice in the room naked on your screen
/debug | turns debug mode off/on
/code | If you've been too a Transformice Japan Expo or won a map crew contest you win items and/or cheese
/ping | Lag level
/watch username | Watches the named user making them pink & all other mice transparent
/cips | Shows lag spikes. Type /cips again to turn it off.

Some commands may no longer work

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